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Welcome to the  is a Kix! wik it is a free -to-air children's and teen's television channel in the UK, broadcasting between 06:00 to 23:30, showing cartoonsextreme sports andmusic videos. It is owned by CSC Media Group, and was launched on 19 May 2008, replacing a one-hour timeshift of sister channel Pop. Kix! is aimed at boys 7–12 years old. The launch of Kix! first emerged through a document posted on the AGB Nielsen Media Research website on 17 April 2008.Edit

Kix! was the fourth dedicated kids' channel to be launched by CSC: its three sister channels are Pop which was launched on 29 May 2003, and shows cartoons and pop music videos for a mixed audience; Tiny Pop, which was launched on 27 July 2004, and shows cartoons for young children and pre-schoolers; and Pop Girl, launched on 6 August 2007, and also shows cartoons and live action shows but is aimed at a female-led audience. Some programmes screened on Kix! are or have been screened on one or more of the sister channels.

On 8 August 2008, Kix! launched onto the Freesat  platform on channel 606. The channel along with its sister channels, are all currently only broadcast over digital satellite TV.Kix Wiki


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Kix is a TV channel for kids availabale on Sky and other Brodbands it holds poggrames like DBZ and Power rangers

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